Capacity in Action Workshops

These workshops catalyze the strength of marketplace principals and relational capacity into micro actions & disruptions. Often we focus on such a BIG issue that we are incapable of taking small actions. These workshops are focused on how to take small actions with measurable outcomes, quickly

Workshops: A capacity in action workshop is designed for any organization seeking to bring about capacity in barriered communities. Taking just 2 hours we walk a group of 10-12 people through a very strategic way of approaching opportunities. Similar to the lean process in business we break down opportunities into approachable micro-actions. These can be acted on in as little as 30 days with little cost and very clear outcome evaluation.

Social Entrepreneurship Intervention

This is an opportunity for a business or organization desiring a new lenses on their work. Focusing specifically in the areas of equity and capacity in a sustainable economic model. This is non-traditional consulting relationship using one of our skilled social entrepreneurs. We are specifically looking for disruptions in the way things are done so that the outcomes can be greater. This relationship can range from a board retreat to a 2 year partnership.