Vocoform is not like other nonprofits, however. We are committed to changing the way we see barriered communities, and our greater community.

Rather than adding another layer of service that seeks to empower individuals to work within barriers that exist, we will seek to remove the barriers. Too long have well-­meaning groups offered barriered communities skills, tools and education that loans them power, creating a sense of dependence on the group seeking to help. Vocoform will not empower barriered communities. Instead we will seek to build capacity within the communities themselves, essentially working ourselves out of a job.


We believe the board is an extension of those served and Vocoform is developing a board that represents just that. From the beginning we have acknowledged that the more unique the voices, the greater perspective we bring back to serve our stakeholders. We are devoted to a board that represents diversity in race, intergenerationality, and gender. If you have a desire to find out more about board participation please contact scott@vocoform.com