• Our mission is to inspire the next generation into vocation at the intersection of Values, Work, and Life within a geographical context.


  • Give Pizza A Chance

    Give Pizza A Chance

    Founded in 2009 and transitioned to a Vocoform training lab in 2013, the Give Pizza A Chance food cart offers both employment and business management experience to 15-20 interns annually. This award winning pizza is made from scratch daily and our internship team serves it up with smiles.

  • Arbor Lodge Urban Farm

    Arbor Lodge Urban Farm

    Spring of 2013 gave launch to this ½ acre urban farm in North Portland. With 58 raised beds dedicated to food production, chickens and tilapia the farm will facilitate 20-25 internships a year. Getting dirty is a great way to learn your vocation and feeding people in the process just ices that cake.

  • Crepe’ & Berry

    Crepe’ & Berry

    Winter of 2013 will bring Crepes and Smoothies to the to North Portland. This Vocoform-powered enterprise is a partnership with New Seasons Market in North Portland. Set to open late in 2013, Crepe & Berry will provide 40-70 short-term, high-accountability internship experiences annually.

Using enterprises to empower & inspire the next generation with the tools for success.

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A one-year neighborhood based leadership experience emphasizing work, service and study.

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